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from: theresa Grisanti
Written: 05-07-2012
Will be sent: 03-08-2013
If you are reading this I hope to God you are atleast engadged. At this moment you and Amanda arent talking, and money is draining you badly. As your reading this i hope its after a long day at the grooming business, how is the business going anyways? And how is Toby!? he threw up alot last night so hes taking it easy today. I hope you and Dave are doing well too, hes a great guy. and loves you so much, you better have not fucked it up :) Hows bama doing? shes the best you know, without her i dont know where we would have been. Dominic should be graduated by now, hopefully without a baby lol. him & paige hopefully made it as well, shes cute. well just wanted to keep things in your mind like, noone on this earth can compare to you, your father i hope won his latest election & things are going smoothly. dont forget. follow YOUR dreams. & make them all come true.
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