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from: Kenna
Written: 26-05-2022
Will be sent: 20-04-2026
Dear future self,
Right now it is 5/26/2022 at 9:43 am and I am in social psychology- the last class of the last day of junior year. Right now my favorite music is Deftones, $uicideboy$, and Lil Peep. I enjoy painting- my favorite class is art because I have a lot of creative freedom. Do I still love art? Have I improved? My friends right now are Gavin, Britt, and Brooklyn along with other friends I only really see at school. Do I still have contact with any of them? Right now my plan in life is to go out of state for college- Penn State probably and work towards a career in forensic psychology. Do I still plan on doing that? Two things I struggle the most with are my self-image and ability to create relationships- have I overcome these struggles? Right now I dye my hair black brown although it's blonde and I have bangs- have I changed my hair a lot have I gone back to blonde? I wonder how much I will change in the next 4 years- I am excited to see how far I have come over the years.

Makenna Cain, 17 years old.
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