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from: Taylor Gallenstein
Written: 27-02-2017
Will be sent: 01-09-2017
Now listen closely. You're free and most likely happier, now that you never have to listen to mr. mann go on about how america is cancer, or Joeys SJW bullshit, or having to wake up at 7:00 every day. Now you probably have a job (or have at least applied to one) where you can work at night, and can stay up like you normally do, but now get paid for it. Remember it's not over yet; you have to find a good place to college in order to become an archeologist, like you've wanted for so many years of your life. make sure you find and understand the world you live in, and prove to mr. mann that this nation is not the cancer he is so absolutely hell bent on making it seem like. remind him there are worse, vile and evil governments and places than america. while plenty of people are bad here, this entire nation isn't a terrible place; good people are still here and have a chance to burst forth. make sure he knows, and never forgets
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