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de : Madison Kaiser
Ecrite : 28-01-2016
Sera envoyée : 27-01-2021
Dear Madison,
I'm writing this letter on January 27th, 2016. I just randomly found this website so this is kind of a spur of the moment deal. I'm just gonna talk about shit I'm dealing with right now so that when you're reading this, you can look back and realize how dumb all of it was. I'm a junior in high school. I turned 16 almost exactly two months ago. And right now life seems almost impossible to deal with. School is really hard for me. When I walk down the hallways a giant wave of anxiety and doubt floods over me and I have to have these mental arguments that I'm fine and I need to stop worrying. It sounds crazy, but I can't help it. I've been talking to this boy for over a month and I really liked him but recently he's been ignoring me and "subtweeting" me so I'm just going to back out of it before it gets bad. I've known him since 6th grade but he just seems like a totally different person now. I guess I am too. This Friday Dad and I are going to Grandma's to have some sort of late celebration for her birthday. It'll probably just make me feel bad about myself for not being as smart, talented, and interesting as the rest of my family. On Saturday, Dad and I are going to KC and Dannon's wedding venue for something. I guess Sandy and Dannon's Dad are gonna be there, so that should be pretty interesting. Saturday night, I got invited to a friends party. I've never been to a high school party before so I'm not really sure what's gonna happen. Danielle and I are gonna go together so at least we'll have each other. My best friends right now are Maya McCool, Rawley Long, Emily Ahn, Chris Pop, Isabel Pfannenstein, Anissa Valencia, Sienna Willmott, Jack Salata, Laurel Kronborg, Adrianna Kennedy, and Danielle Guerrero. A few of us have a group chat together, called the Lost Abuelas. It's pretty dumb, but it's the first real friend group I've had since middle school, and even in middle school, I didn't feel this secure with my friends. I really love all of my friends and I'm super grateful for them. Without them, I would probably be a really sad and lame person. They make me better. I'm sure when you're reading this letter, you haven't talked to any of these people in a while, but for right now, they're some of the most important people in my life. Lately, Mom and Dad haven't been talking about each other as if the other one is Satan's gift to Earth. It's really nice and I hope by the time you're reading this, their relationship has only gotten better. Paige is really sad. She won't admit it or really even talk about it to me, but I know she is. I feel really bad for her and hopefully when you're reading this, she's as happy as she deserves to be. Alex has some writing deal he's waiting to hear about and I'm really, really excited for him. He's the coolest person I've ever met and my biggest motivation and inspiration. KC is still the KC he's always been. I love Dannon and I can't wait until they're married. Hopefully by the time you're reading this you're an aunt now! I have no idea what I want to do with my future, except for knowing that I want to be super successful and prove to everyone, and myself, that I'm capable of greatness, whatever it might be in. That's about it for Madison Kaiser in 2016. If Morgan Jensen isn't still your wife and love of your life, you're crazy and you gotta fix that. Hopefully you're still as funny, if not funnier than you are right now. Good Luck and love yourself!
Madison Kaiser
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