nuo: Christian Draughon
Parašytas: 19-05-2021
Bus išsiųstas: 19-06-2031
Dear Me,
I am writing this e-mail on June 19th, 2021 and I should be reading this ten years from now. How am I? Do I still have the same Spotify playlist? How big is my Spotify playlist? Have I made a movie yet? Do I still watch horror movies? What video games do I play? Are all my consoles still working? I bet the SNES broke. How big is my video game and movie collection now? I hope I still collect those. Do I have a girlfriend? Do I have a WIFE and KIDS? I hope not. I hope I'm successful and still pursuing a movie career. I have a lot of questions but I'm not gonna get the answers now so it doesn't matter.
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