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YOU'RE 24!!? What the heck!? Just kidding, that's pretty young. I'm 19 right now. Pretty crazy. I'm just finishing my first semester at BYU-Idaho and I love it. This winter I'll be staying in Rexburg with Taylar and working as much as possible. I just landed a job as a model for the art department. They need models to draw or paint so I applied yesterday. I'm pretty sure I scored the position. So, The house is for sale right now and that's pretty scary and sad. The fam is in the process of moving to Texas and that's pretty great. Dad is in Texas right now training for his new job at Amazon. I'm at home for thanksgiving break right now and it's been pretty weird. I'm a guest in my own home the same home that will be someone else's soon. So weird. Last Wednesday you did something pretty big. You broke up with Glenn. Yeah, he's a jerk and also kind of a loser. But no matter the fact, I still miss him like freaking crazy. And it's not the fact that I miss talking to someone, I miss talking to him. He always knew how to make me laugh and feel better. But, at the same time, he knew what hurt me and made me sad, and used those things to his advantage. Not a nice guy at all. So why is this so hard then!? My first heartbreak, so I don't know any different or have anything to compare it to. I just know it's hard. Especially when I hear a good song and want to share it with him. Or get some good news about a modeling job and want to laugh about it with him. Through this experience I think I need to learn to grow closer to God again. To rely on his companionship and aid that he's wiling to give me. Gosh. It's difficult leaving a good friend behind. We got really close really fast. He's just got a lot of stuff going on in his life that he needs to figure out right now, so do you! So it was for the best. Anyways, I hope you're happy now. I hope you didn't get bak together with Glenn because that's happened three other times. And if you have, I hope things are good and improved. But mostly I hope you've moved on to better things. How is school? What jobs have you worked since being at school? Are you even still at school?! Did you drop out? Did you graduate? And if you did drop out, are you happy? If so, congrats! I really don't care what you do, as long as you're happy. That's only because I know you'll choose what's best for you no matter what and that that will make you happy. I so look forward to the future and am excited to see what's in store for me. You. Us. :) Also, hopefully if you found a good guy he matches your list. I was looking through the attic today and ran across your old list of qualities you look for in a guy. I compared it to Braydon, Glenn, and John, nope, not as close as it should be. Here's the list:
Good Looking
Sense of humor-Makes me laugh
Good laugh
Confident, not prideful
Good smile
Not afraid
Level Headed
Wants temple marriage
shares similar goals
loves music
listenes to good music
makes me feel important
accepts me
loves food
loves to dance
good listener
respects women
puts me first
kind to everyone
surprises me
loves me
loves my family
team player
loves movies
good with money
loves God
sets goals
can take care of himself
hard worker
wants to travel
college graduate/student
loves the outdoors
loves children
testimony of the Gospel
opens doors for me
loves to learn
good attitude
loves his family
concern for my feelings and the feelings of others
makes me feel good about myself

Yeah, it's a long one. But I know that there is such a guy out there. And I know you'll meet him someday. Who knows when or where it'll happen, but it will. Just live your life right now and be happy. Things will work out in due time. Be patient and develop those same characteristics you want him to have. Also, here's a note I wrote myself along with the list,
I want to look at a man and know what sets him aside form every other man. I want a man that is respectful of and to women. I will not settle for a lesser man as I'm sure he will never settle for a lesser woman. Someday we will meet and I will see how different he is. He will show me that not every man is the same fool. I will show him an woman. He will be the one I need and in return I'll be the one he needs. And together we will live and love eternally.

ok, so it's not the most poetic or even literate piece of work I've ever written, but it makes a lot of good points. Also, sorry I made this whole thing about marriage. Oops. That's just my mind set right now as I was just in a serious relationship. HELP!
Ok, anyways, I'm going to go hang out with Tonya Cook tonight at her sisters basketball game. Ugh, I actually have to set foot in the high school again. Barf.
Hope you're ok and are happy :)

P.s. I've attached a cute pic of you and the dogs. Mom took that today for your religion class.
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