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de: Kania
Escrever : 04-11-2012
Será enviada : 25-06-2017
Hey you smug son of a bitch yeah I'm talking to you Jordan

By this time you better have at least one degree working on another and have a beast ass job. You also better have a minor and have spent some time abroad.

Relationship wise you and Ryann better be together. If you let her go by now ill reach through the internet and force choke your dumb ass. You know she’s very special and the biggest thing to come into your life. The amount of deja vu we have had its all pointed to her.

Which reminds me her birthday is on the 30th you better have something big planned. If not and because I know you two will be together have her read the bottom. Well if you haven't jumped the gun this will be very special 5 years in the making.

She’s the first lady you have had the privileged of spending time with that you have ever actually truly missed I know you'll never forget this and I'm sure you have already moved closer to her and are living together by now.

Now I bet you two have a kid I'm very happy for you and knew it was going to happen. I hope if you both couldn't take care of it you gave it up to someone who couldn't have kids of their own. Now if you were able to take care of him and her I know you are an amazing dad and she’s is a very caring mother.

Hey your car should be paid of right I bet it has a shit ton of miles on it from crazy trips with Miss Nuss. Hopefully no more tickets :/ hope you laid off the lead foot.

Our parents doing well they better be. You should have convinced your dad to cut way back on smoking by now. Maybe haha.
Not much more to say I bet your surviving as always being an optimistic little fucker. Bet your tatted up maybe a few piercings if not here’s a reminder get some more. Keep enjoying life and be analytical only when your freaking out go with the flow the rest of the time and show some damn emotions.

Well here’s the bottom make sure Ryann’s reading this to. Alright now you’re reading word for word right Miss. We have known each other for almost 5 years now I never left you like you thought I would I care about you deeply and you always brighten my day. We have had our ups our downs our fights our make ups. Times we weren’t together and some of the happiest days of my life. This is about five years in the making. By this time I’ve stood up for a sec probably standing behind you or in front of you for all I know you’re sitting down on a couch. But I mean ever word I’m about to say Ryann Nuss





turn around or look at me :P

Jordan keep loving this beautiful young lady and making her happy every way you can. Bring her up when she’s down and keep her high when she’s up.

Much love to the both of you, the closets person you’ll ever know yes yourself hahaha

the first person to know about this was chance and hes gonna be my best man if he hasnt died epically by now.

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