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de: Matthew
Escrever : 26-09-2011
Será enviada : 28-12-2011
Dear Matt,

Well, your finally 18 (or close to 18, depending on when you read this letter). What are you gonna do? And no. I don't mean what are you gonna do with the money you got. What are you gonna do for your future? It's around that time in your life that you stop bullshitting around and come up with a plan for your future. Do me a favor. Tomorrow, cancel all plans you had, grab a notebook and pencil, and start planning. You have a great future ahead of you, as long as you still wanna do something with it. I know it sounds like some cockamamie crap, but it rings pretty true. Hopefully by this time, the Cadillac is ship-shape and ready for action, so why not make some use of it? How about your drawing skills? You managed to pull some nice works of art out of your ass in the past. Why not improve on it? And I know you got a singing voice. Even if others say you suck. Dude, they're jealous.

So in conclusion, as your own self from the past, I hope I can look forward to my future. Make it good.

Sincerely, Yourself.
PS: If your still a virgin by the first time you read this, take care of that first. Nooch.
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