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de: Nicolas Williams
Escrever : 18-10-2015
Será enviada : 11-06-2018
Dear FutureMe,
Wassup Nick its you from high school senior year.
Happy birthday by the way. dont spend it being bored come on your a college man. go get laid... you better not be a virgin Nicolas i swear to god if ur a virgin i will cut off my thumb so you suffer.
Let me jog your memory a little. Right now i just got done watching back to the future two for like the third time. its october of senior year now and my grades arent looking too good (lol sorry if that hurt you in the long run). I've had the biggest crush on Becky Campos for like 3 1/2 years (again... sorry) i hope you made your move before it was too late. Dont forget your dog Dawn visit her every once in a while. u know what? visit her now. its summer isnt it? Mom gets on my nerves a lot these days with college apps and stuff like that. but she's your mom and your not an angry teen anymore so give her a call.
i guess thats about it. i hope you grew out of being a shy idiot. and u better have a six pack because i dont think this squishy stomach will do you any good socially. dont give up on anime/manga and video games. but dont be a nerd either (i dont want to go back to that)

Shoutout to my highschool buds Cameron, Troy, Kennedy, Akim, Aaron, Bryan, Destiny, Alyssa Shelby, Alyssa Radwick, Sam, Jared, Aaris, Jaciya...sorry if i forgot anyone. your all awesome i hope your doing great.

Anyway congrats if you make it into vet school.
i just wanted to know if this really worked. post this on instagram or whatever's the big thing now. if Becky sees this... well at least she knows now. t(0_0t) peace
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