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от: May Bird
Написано : 24-05-2012
Будет отправлено : 17-11-2012
hey babe,
its the day b 4 ur b day !! you should be umm 15 and im hoping you 4 get this by the time you read it ! lol idk if this really works . well by know you have started high school , 9th grade if im correct . you better have and be working on your grades !! im serious ! you have to have an 88 average to get HOPE ! anyways happy b day ! i love you ! whats melissa and big J doin ? have you got a puppy yet ? anyways keep up the good work ! by the way im writing this on your last day of 8th grade so this was a bigg day 4 you leaving creek-land and everything . umm well i love you and if you get this then that means your still kicking and surviving lowndes that is if your going to valdosta . well gtg luv ya !
<3 love,
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