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от: Libby
Написано : 17-04-2020
Будет отправлено : 01-01-2022
Hey Libby!!! I Don't even think that I will remember that I wrote this, but if I do, congrats!! I have tried to write these soooooo many times, but I don't think you will be surprised to hear that I forgot about ALL of them! I really hope this gets back to you because it will be interesting.Well, who would've thought that at 11 years old, I would be living through a worldwide pandemic that is a pro killer? I definitely never would've. I mean, this is crazy!!! I am so used to seeing my friends everyday, and hanging out, but now I only see them wearing (Uncomfortable yet stylish) masks!!!( hat they made themselves. I used to get really uncomfortable when I saw anyone wearing those, because I thought they were super weird, but now everyone is wearing them, and it's kinda freaky. My sister says "It'll be a good story to tell the kids!" but my younger brother says "We are all gonna dieee!!!!"! I wish you could write back to me and tell me how things are in the future, but.... Well, I have to go. See ya! (Or not?)
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