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от: Loreydy Santiago
Написано : 05-12-2022
Будет отправлено : 01-01-2026
Dear Me,
I miss you <3 . I want you to know that the avatar movie is coming out soon and I plan to watch it. My first year at UW I took a Fig (f) class, psych 101, Global health, Global health history of medicine, and ya that is it. I am broke and my job is okay but it could be better. My favorite co worker is Corey and my plan is to get above a B in most classes. I haven't really done anything too crazy. I hang out with mario and ariana and thats about it tbh. Uhh what else. Llamo a janet y a marisol cada dia y les digo sobre me vida aqui y el chisme que me dicen aqui. Horita estoy en una relacion con noah y me trata bien. Ya hamos estado juntos por 4 meses. u wear glasses btw. but whats up? are you still in college? todavia estan juntos? hablas con tu mama? hablas con tu papa? who are your friends? where are you living? whats up? okay bye I should write more but if you don't remember then they weren't good enough memories to be remembered. okayyy bye.
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