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от: cammy yu
Написано : 29-03-2016
Будет отправлено : 29-04-2019
Dear FutureMe,
Hi! It's High School Senior Cammy! It's been 3 years, I wonder how you're doing now? I really hope you're doing well... Have you met the guy of your dreams yet or are you still that stupid hopeless romantic? Are you still falling through with your original plan of becoming a Pharmacist? Here's a little reminder of how you feel on March 29th, 2016. You're scared lol and it's 1:13AM, you don't know whether or not to follow through with you're plans to go to UofA or stick with ASU that offered you the full tuition. And you're praying and praying that there can be a miracle and that your parents don't have to use their hard earn money on your tuition... You've worked so hard to achieve this and the 8th grade you would be so proud. You also cannot believe that you are graduating and getting your diploma in less than 2 months! May 25th, 2016. Remember when you stepped foot into Williams Field and how you hoped to be on the wall and you thought it would be impossible? Well you did it! You're deciding whether or not to go to prom and hoping that you'll be able to score a graduation speech! Things are coming to an end and you hated endings. I really hope you're not indebt right now...
How's mom and dad? Jayden is 5 now starting school? Did sis ever have another child? It's so weird to think that so many things have happened in our family and now you're writing this letter to a hopefully soon to graduate COLLEGE self. Remember in 7th and 8th grade when you thought your family was falling apart bc your family didn't like your brother-in-law? Or that fight that mom and dad had and you thought they were gonna get a divorce bc you were gonna go back to China for your sister's wedding? Or when Grandma died a year ago and 6 months later uncle died also? and how crazy it was to experience the passing of someone you cared for and knowing that there will never be a chance to talk to them again? How's both grandpas btw? I really hope they're still doing well.. I really hope that you never gave up that eager to become grater for your parents. I hope you had the time of your life during college and made some amazing and life long friendships. Do you still talk to people from Highschool? Do you miss Highschool? I know were annoyed by alot of them lol. Are you happy with what you are doing right now? I really hope you are. I really hope that you kept up your grades. Do you still enjoy that latenight drives with your windows down and blasting music or are you too old for that now lol. If you are feeling low right now I just want to tell you that just keep moving forward. Life always have a plan for you. Please just make this life last and do good. Are you still an activist? I really hope you didn't forget about spreading love and positivity throughout the world. Spreading love and doing good. Please spend more time with your family and loved ones. I know how you can get caught up with work and forget about how others feel. Please don't be that daughter that forgets where she came from. You're not close with many of your family members so please cherish every person that's worth staying in your life. Give them a call or visit them. You can't take back the time you have lost and when it's too late there's no returning. Best of luck to you Cammy. I hope everything that you have worked and wanted to achieve will come true for you. I feel so blessed to have many people who have supported me to where I am now and I hope you feel the same way also. I want to tell you that I love you and there's so much good in the world. Oh and support more charities! There're people out there who is less fortunate that you can help!
Love, Cammy age 18 1:47 AM.
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